• Creative 1

    Meat or Veggie lasagna
    Baked Chicken breast w/ white wine cream
    Liver & Unions
    Roast Pork w/ sage grav
    Pasta Primaverd
    Chicken Marsala
    Chicken Piccata
    Four Cheese Shells w/ Marinara
    French Creole Pork loin w/ Tomato sauce
    Boneless Pork chops w/ Au Jus
    Glazed Han
    Select one appetizer and one Entree and Twc
    sides $17.95 per quest

  • Creative 2

    Roast beef w/ Braised mushrooms & onions
    Mongolian Beef
    Mongolian Pork
    Stuffed Chicken Breast
    Braised Pork Roast
    Black n Bleu Steak w/ Peppers & Unions
    Chicken Alfredo w/ grilled chicken, vegetarian
    Chicken or Shrimp Pasta w/ roasted red
    pepper cream sauce
    Chicken Cordon Bleu
    Gorgonzola Chicken
    Roast Turkey Roulade w/ Stuffing
    Parmesan Crusted lilapia
    Smothered Chicken w/ Caramelized onion,
    bacon, cheddar cheese
    Beef Tips w/ Burgundy wine sauce & Noodles
    Basil Pesto Tilapia
    Bacon wrapped roast pork w/ sage gravy
    Select two Appetizers and two Entrees and two
    sides $23 95 Per Guest
    Add third Entrée for $4.50 per guest

  • Creative 3

    Beef de Truite Fillet -Beef tender w/ celery,
    assorted mushrooms, shallots, capers, Creolo
    Poulet Bonne Femme Chicken - chicken pan
    fried, butter, chicken stock, shallots lardon
    The Justin Wilson Ribeye - blackened ribeve
    steak, sautéed mushroom, mild peppers, demi
    Grilled River Fare Island Salmon -Asian Garlic
    Grilled Shrimp - Creole Sauce
    Cared River Fare Island Salmon
    Scampi pasta - Roasted Artichokes, mush
    rooms, lemon basil cream
    Veal Piccata - Lemon Caper, beurre blanc
    Dyed age Kibeye - Braised mushroom & onions
    Smoked pork Chops - port wine apple
    Chicken Scaloppini
    Seafood Pasta
    Shrimp Scampi
    Scallop - Coquille St Jacque
    Carved Prime Rib
    Herb Flank Steak
    BBQ Ribs
    Stuffed Salmon
    Stuffed Shrimp
    Choose two appetizers, two Entrees and two
    sides $28.95
    For third Entrée add $5.50 per guest

  • All dinner meals are priced per person and include two entrees, two sides, two salads, dinner rolls, coffee, water& Iced tea. You may add additional entrees per price per section. Any entrée can be ordered plated for an additional $2.75 per person. Children 5 -11 will be half priced for buffet meals. Children under the age of 5 are free. Special children's meals are available.

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